Photo Credit: Francesa Fuga Photography 


The idea of Little Timba came to me after falling pregnant.  I wanted a product that was not only beautiful and safe for my baby, but also environmentally friendly. I also want to create a more sustainable world for myself, for my little boy and for the future generations. One way to do that is by reducing the use of plastic. Whilst wooden toys can be more expensive, they not only look and feel beautiful but if kept with care, they can be timeless and outlast many plastic toys. The more I started looking the more I realised that there was no such store in Darwin. So Little Timba slowly evolved from the idea of baby items, to also including wooden toys. 


The idea of our store has evolved over time, however we continue to strive to stay as environmentally sustainable as possible. We continue to reuse packaging where we can. We also avoid plastic packaging, however if we do use it it will be reused. 

We absolutely love supporting other small businesses, so if you think you are a small business that suit our ethos and aesthetic, please feel free to get in touch.